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Rest in Peace Grandpa John.

Posted by ZampMagic on November 2, 2012 at 4:10 AM

    My grandfather passed away not to long ago and I'll be heading to the funeral this saturaday. Thank you to eveyone on Fl and FB for showing your support and giving your condollences. It means a lot. 

Good new, When I get back I am going to be setting things in motion for the upcoming web sale. I know my webstore has been pretty sparce lately. Also, please stop by CafePress and take a peek at the iteams for sale there. 

Also, I'm going to be rebleaching my hair and going plantum blond and purple. Pictures will be uploaded throughout the prosses, and then I will be installing my new dreads. So all and all a lot of pictures and stuff coming up soon. New stuff yay!

Please help with donations or buying from the webstore when the sale comes up, I'm going to be using the proffets to go pick up a new camera so I can start doing a vlog on this site and update my youtube channel. ^ ^ So if you would like ranodm videos of me and my life, video blogs, and new fun tutorials please help out with whatever you can. 

Thanks everyone and have an awsome day!


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